Humane Animal Rescue is proud to have an Open Door policy.

Our open admission philosophy ensures that no animal has to suffer needlessly on the streets. We love animals, so we accept them into our care and never impose a time limit on how long they can stay. But one can imagine how this puts a tremendous strain on our finite resources.

Our shelters manage animal admissions to ensure that each and every pet entering our care has the best chance at being re-homed, but we will never reject an animal. We do have to euthanize some animals, but only for reasons pertaining to health or temperament, and always with unwavering compassion. We do not impose a time limit on an animal’s stay and always aim to find new ways to treat animals with medical or behavior problems, as well as enrich the pets in our shelters. In particular, animals who come to us with special challenges are frequently placed with one of our many foster families for extra care and treatment until a suitable adoptive family is found. Humane Animal Rescue strives to find homes for all adoptable animals and our adoption rate is well-above the national average. We keep all healthy and friendly animals until they are adopted into new homes.

Through the support of continued donations, Humane Animal Rescue is able to save animals from euthanasia and maintain our Open Door policy. We receive no government assistance, so in order to save pets, we rely on financial contributions from compassionate animal lovers like you.

Why does The City of Pittsburgh Animal Care and Control Bureau send all apprehended domestic animals to our door? Because for our animal companions – that door is always open!