Shelter Statistics

Below are Humane Animal Rescue’s 2017 shelter statistics. Our live release rate was 83% with 8,511 animals rehomed or reunited. This was a lofty accomplishment given that we see some of the most difficult cases come in through our open doors and through our relationship with City of Pittsburgh Animal Care and Control. National statistics report that 5 in 10 dogs and 7 in 10 cats in shelters are euthanized (Source: ASPCA and Statistic Brain Research Institute). Although we accomplished a great deal in 2017, we continue to strive to enhance our programs and services in order to save more lives. There is still a tremendous amount of work for us to do for the animals and we cannot do it alone. We rely heavily on our adoption partners, foster caretakers, and volunteers. In addition, we rely on you – the community – to help us achieve our goals. Humane Animal Rescue encourages you to spay/neuter your pets, have them microchipped, purchase a license, and come to the shelter to adopt.

Annual Reports