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Unavailable Taken in: 05/29/14
My foster family has been calling me (nicknames included) Juno, Mama, Sweet Girl, Pretty Girl, Good Girl, and Mama Cat.
My Personality Traits:
· I'm an extrovert. I even love strangers!
· I'm comfortable around people I know.
· I'm a lapcat to the bone.
· I was not fostered with small children.
· I love attention; I'll be your constant companion.

Juno is the mama of the four Martian kittens. She is the cuddliest, sweetest, gentlest cat I have ever had the privilege of living with. We think that she was about ten months old when she delivered the kittens on May 20, 2014. She is petite (not even seven pounds as of June 25, 2014) and all black except for a bit of white on her throat and belly and her big green eyes. She is a fiercely protective mother but is otherwise gentler than a lamb. She has been teaching her kittens how to play and wrestle; she's already taught them impeccable litter-box manners, how to eat solid food, how to drink from a dish, and other important things that kittens should know.

When she first sees you, Juno will squeak for you to pick her up. She is the best hugger ever. She nestles into this spot between your cheek and shoulder, and she purrs constantly and loudly. She'll gladly lie on your lap, show you her belly for rubs, lie beside you for hours, whatever you like. And sometimes she'll go into the next room for a change of scenery, but she's always interested in what you're doing.

She's a terrific medicine cat. She knows where your tummy hurts and lies on just the right spot to be a tiny purring heating pad. If you have a headache or are just ready to sleep, she'll sleep beside you.

How I Behave Around Other Animals:
Juno has had a tiny bit of interaction with our dogs and cat. She has been quite aggressive with them if her kittens are nearby and there's no barrier between them and our animal. But in situations in which there's a baby gate, crate door, or mostly closed pocket door between them, she is calm and not reactive at all. So my sense is that, without her kittens to protect and with all animals introduced responsibly, she could live quite happily with dogs and other cats.

My Litter-Box Habits
· I have impeccable habits.
· I will use any litter.
Juno used nonclumping clay litter at the shelter and initially at home, and then I switched her to World's Best clumping. She never had an accident with either.

My Favorite Toys:
She loves to just hang out, and she loves the Cat Dancer (wire with little rolls of paper at the ends)! I tried a different wand toy on her today, but she wasn't terribly interested. The Cat Dancer has her jumping and playing much more. I have one to give you for her! I also have a cardboard scratcher like the one she's been enjoying here. Please contact me (info below) to arrange to get this and the other items I have.

Food I Ate at My Foster Home:
Initially, Blue Freedom grain-free indoor chicken recipe dry food. A few times, Fancy Feast canned food. Switched to Earthborn Primitive Feline dry food. She has been free-feeding from a gravity feeder. (Same with water.) Her favorite thing to eat, though, is dry food that's been moistened with water. The soggier the better for this girl.

My Favorite Treats:
Orijen Regional Red cat treats! She and her kittens LOVE these! Cause a kitten swarm by pulling them out. I have a bag of these for her! Please contact me to arrange to get them from me. Also she really wants people food. I didn't feed her any, though I did let her lick a bowl once that had my veggie burger in it. But she really wants it any time she sees it.

Some Other Things You Should Know About Me:
This is the kind of cat your friends will all want to come visit and will envy you for and wish their cats were as awesome as she is. My blog posts about her are here: https://lisasfosters.squarespace.com/blog/?category=juno

My Foster Parent's Name and Contact Details:
Lisa Bernard, lisabee.arl@gmail.com, http://lisasfosters.squarespace.com, text at 412.979.0780. I would love whatever updates you care to provide. I'm quite attached to Juno ?

About Juno

Pet ID 22843251
Animal Cat
Sex Female
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Spayed & Neutered? Spayed
Age 11 months
Location Foster Home
Color Black
Size M
Weight 7 pounds
Housetrained? Unknown
Declawed? No

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