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Unavailable Taken in: 06/24/14
Tobby is a big loving cuddletiger! He's extremely talkative, and loves following his humans around the house to ask for pats or playtime. He never shies away from human attention and looooves being picked up and handled. A multiple cat household would probably be best for this big boy, but he makes a charming single cat for folks who can keep up with his needs.

Tobby acclimates quickly to most new things in his environment, and is extremely gentle with humans -- he even leaves room for your feet on the bed! He's deathly afraid of bells and bell toys, though, and he will happily shred any cardboard boxes or paper products to bits. Keep any important forms off the floor and away from him.

Although he has asthma, Tobby loves to play, and he'd do it all day if he could! Give him a feather toy or a laser pointer, and he's all yours -- just make sure you take it easy on him. He requires a few breaks between play sessions and monitoring of his breathing to ensure he doesn't get too worked up. Dust-free litter and a clean house work well toward keeping his condition under control. Non-smokers only, please!

For more information on Tobby, please contact laureneduran@gmail.com

About Tobby

Pet ID 23073374
Animal Cat
Sex Male
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Spayed & Neutered? Neutered
Age 5 years & 3 months
Location Foster Home
Color Black
Size M
Weight 15 pounds
Housetrained? Unknown
Declawed? No

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