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Unavailable Taken in: 07/21/14
Please feel free to join us at the Animal Rescue League for our Hug-A-Bun Sundays. The next ones will be held on The next ones will be held on AUGUST 31 and SEPTEMBER 28 from 2-4pm where we let out all the shelter rabbits in the multi-purpose room. This is a wonderful time for those who may be thinking about adopting a house rabbit. The rabbits are set up in large exercise pens so that they can run around and stretch as well as be socialized with other rabbit volunteers, previous adopters, fosters, and those who may be looking to adopt. JOIN US!

These two, very playful, and human-driven rabbits, Tily and Murfy, are only around 3 months old. Found as strays roaming throughout Oakmont, I can see why it would have been easy to 'catch' them. They will follow you around like puppies, and with such a playful nature, they clumsily hop all about, tucker themselves out, and flop so dramatically that they roll their bodies, doing a 360 until they are upright again. They are the silliest, most outgoing bonded pair of rabbits, with surprisingly, very good litter box habits. Palomino's aren't a common breed. This breed has a history of being very social, and they do attach to their human helpers. I can see this happening already with these two. Shy they are not - and as they grow up, they will become someone's best friends :) These two would make an excellent bonded pair of bunnies for first-time rabbit owners. You will find that owning two rabbits that love each other, is much easier than owning just one. They really do take care of one another, groom one another, and the communication is non-stop. It's such a joy to watch these two.

If you'd like to meet Tily and Murphy, contact Suzanne at 724.766.9399 (cell) or email suzanne.muth@gmail.com.

Feel free to complete the online rabbit application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7G98MGG

Please Note: Tily and Murfy will not be adopted as pets for children. They deserve to be part of the family, not treated like toys. They may live for another 10 years or more, so be ready to commit to them for the rest of their lives when placing an application.

About Tily

Pet ID 23376428
Animal Rabbit
Sex Female
Breed Palomino
Spayed & Neutered? Spayed
Age 3 months
Location Rabbit Room
Color Tan
Size S
Weight 3 pounds
Housetrained? Unknown
Declawed? No

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