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Unavailable Taken in: 07/23/14
Cleda's young life has been full of enough love, tragedy and startling life changes that she belongs in a Victorian novel! Right now, she's almost at the point in the story where she reconciles with a long-lost family member, reclaims her rightful inheritance and lives happily ever after with her one true love. Is it you?

Cleda came to us as a skinny, homeless mama with a week-old litter of 4. She immediately went to a foster home because she was very sick with an upper respiratory infection. She wasn't producing enough milk for her kittens so the kittens were bottle fed for several days. Once Cleda started to recover she was able to nurse and kept better and better care of her brood. However, one by one all of her kittens succumbed to pneumonia and died. After the requisite morning period, Cleda was spayed and is now ready for her new home.

Cleda has stayed loving, trusting and happy throughout every stage of her journey at the Animal Rescue League. She's been in two foster homes, traveled back and forth to the clinic multiple times and taken many different medicines. Cleda is a no-fuss kitty. She happily eats any brand or type of food - she's not picky! She finds "toys" and entertains herself by chasing paper balls, collecting rubber bands, or dragging around articles of your clothing with drawstrings. Of course, she also LOVES playing with her humans, especially chasing string, the laser pointer or a mouse on a wire.

Cleda is not a lap kitty, but she always wants to be close to her humans and that includes at bedtime. She will lay next to you or at your feet. Cleda is very submissive with other cats and got along with an adult male cat, and with an adult female cat at her foster home. The adult female cat would hiss and charge at Cleda once a day, but Cleda never hissed back. Her reaction was always flight. And, unlike the other female cat,
Cleda had already stayed at the foster home so she really should have been alpha cat!

Cleda has interacted well with elementary school age children, men, women and other cats. While she was not exposed to any dogs in her foster homes, I am confident that she would adapt well to any new situation, whatever the future has in store for her.

Please feel free to contact her foster for more information: jill_mcnaughton@yahoo.com

About Cleda

Pet ID 23395241
Animal Cat
Sex Female
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Age 1 year & 9 months
Location PetCo South Hills
Color Brown
Size M
Weight 9 pounds
Housetrained? Unknown
Declawed? No

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