Hi, I'm Charlie!

  • Age: 1 year 4 months 4 weeks
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Bull Terrier
  • Location: East End
  • Animal ID: 72893

About Me

Charlie is a young and rambunctious dog with special needs. He is deaf and we have been working with him to gain some confidence and understanding of basic body language commands. Charlie is crate trained and he has made great strides to be potty trained as well. We recommend a home that will be patient and understanding, working with him physically so he can work off his energy and work on his mind! Charlie spent a few months in our prison program, working on his manners! Here is what his handlers wrote about him: "Charlie aka Chuck is a huge personality packed neatly inside a petite doggy body! Aside from a slight hearing deficiency and probably having had bowed back legs, he is quite perfect! He's super affectionate, loving, and intelligent. He is gentle enough for a family with kids of any age and has a soulful stare that melts the coldest of hearts! He's a ladies man and turns any nay sayer into a dog lover! Like any terrier, he loves to cuddle and wants to be a lap dog, and he really only sheds his hair twice a year (fall and spring, of course). Chuck knows his basic commands (sit, down, wait, leave it) and responds best to hand signals. He spends a lot of time following his nose, so don't think he's ignoring you! Just tap him on the shoulder to focus him... he's just being a dog! He's well trained in a crate and prefers to have 3 sides covered to make it his private little cottage. If he is requiring too much attention, just instruct him to "go lay down" and he'll go relax in his crate on command! There is really too much to tell you about Chuck... you'd be reading all day! It's all good stuff and if you're lucky enough to be his person for life, you're in for one beautiful, fun-filled ride of love and laughs and you'll be admired and envied by everyone who meets Chuck! PS: He loves to be tucked in at night when he goes to sleep, and if you tuck him in under a blanket, he'll settle down and sleep all night. :-) " Check out this super stellar pup today!