Hi, I'm Dreidel!

  • Age: 23 years, 2 months, 1 week
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
  • Location: Foster
  • Animal ID: PGH-A-83412

About Me

I'm living it up in foster, and here is what my foster Mom has to say about me!: Nicknames include: Dr. Dre or Dre Dreidel is a total extrovert, he wants attention if he knows you are near but also is not one to seek out attention and likes to nap in peace. He loves being petted and brushed. So be prepared to pet him for a long time once you start! But beware he drools when he is super happy about the spot you are petting. He also is a very talkative man; though it sounds like he lost his voice over the years. His raspy meow will still get your attention and it usually means he wants food or pets. He is also a has a big purr and will purr anytime you touch him or feed him. He's not super interested in toys but he still loves catnip and chasing a wand toys every once in a while. He does not mind our girl cat or the chihuahua but he is not a fan of either male cat. We like to think he was once a big alpha male tom cat. He doesn't swat or try to attack the boys but he will chase and vocalize his feeling about them. For 23 years old he can surprisingly move; stairs don't stop him and when he wants to he will chase want he wants. He's not a big fan of jumping or climbing but I think that's mainly because getting down is hard for him. He does like to explore and we let him when he can be supervised with the other cats. Most of the time he does like to nap. And his favorite nap place is in a closet on top of all our beach blankets and towels. We have tried to give him bed or big pillow but he prefers there. He perfectly litter box trained, but needs a larger low sided box. We did not try him with a cover boxed but I don't think he would like getting in and out of it and he also covers up from the outside of the box. He is a messy boy though with litter! Not only does it sometimes get stuck to his paws but he does tend to throw it out of the box. Currently we are using a non-clumping crystal litter that doesn't get stuck to his paws the way the clumping litter was. He loves to eat! We try to feed him mostly wet food. We switch between Authority Mature 12+ chicken flavor, or Purina Prime Plus 11+ turkey and giblets. It must be pate though; he does not like shreds or gravy heavy food. We also give him small amounts of Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Digestive Care Dry Food. He extremely dislikes the carrier! And will need a soft carrier. He seemed to settle in the soft carrier after a little and it was much better for his poor nails.