Hi, I'm Jewel!

  • Age: 12 weeks
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Location: North Side
  • Animal ID: 77759

About Me

I am a gentle kitten who's a little shy at first and would most enjoy living with someone who will let me get to know them. The 1st thing you notice is my unique markings - a muted calico with a fancy peach head patch. I have a twin sister 77758 - Sage, who has a stripe on her head. One rule I have is when I walk at your feet and stare into your eyes - pick me up it's time for cuddles and kisses! I am 1 of 8 kittens, my siblings are also gentle and crave attention. So, if you have room in your heart & home for at least two - bring us home together you'll be happy you did, we love to play together. Likes: Playing pounce under the blanket Slippers - best place to hang out - on your feet Purring Being brushed Laps - are for sitting/lying on - eventually falling asleep on Toys - in love with balls, shoe strings, stuffed mice, etc. Zooming through the house Nose kisses - while you cuddle me Being indoors - please don't let me run outside Supervise litter box scooping - you have to do it right. Other Pets: If you have other furries already, just monitor our playtime together until I'm accepted by all. Dogs are actually ok! - as long as they do not chase me. Cats are actually fun! That moving toy called a tail is great. - just give us time to get to know each other Dislikes: Loud noises and sudden moves scare me, I may run and hide - please come find me and tell me it's alright. Bio courtesy of my foster parents.