Hi, I'm Midnight!

  • Age: 3 years 2 weeks
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Location: East End
  • Animal ID: 75082

About Me

He's part labrador, part pittie, all wonderful! Midnight is a big rambunctious boy who just wants to run around and play with his best human friends all day. He doesn't have a lot of manners or experience hanging out with other dogs, so he's going to need some time, energy, and consistency in his life in order to become the Best Dog that we all know he can be. He's very smart- he already knows how to "sit"! He just needs some attention and affection to maximize his Good Dog-ness. Expect lots of hugs and kisses from this loving young man, and make sure you've got plenty in reserve for him!!