Hi, I'm Shea Shea!

  • Age: 4 years 2 weeks
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Californian
  • Location: East End
  • Animal ID: 77348

About Me

Don't let the ears fool you, Shea Shea is actually a queen! This royal rabbit is looking for the perfect family to spoil her rotten--as she deserves. Shea Shea can be a bit shy around new people, but an offering of food will go a long way towards gaining Her Majesty's favor! Give Shea Shea a little time to get to know you and she'll bestow the best blessings upon you, such as allowing you to kiss her head and giving her all the treats! Shea Shea will be sure to remind you what is important in life: food, family and fun! Shea Shea loves to have fun, from tossing around her toys to hopping up on your lap for pets! If you're looking for a beautiful bunny to bring smiles and joy into your life, look no further. Shea Shea will make all your dreams come true!