The basic level courses are the foundation for dog manners, learning dog language and building a relationship with your dog. Dogs entering this class should be able to work around other dogs in the classroom. *If your dog has harmed or is a threat to people or other dogs, do not register for a group class. Please contact us at about options.*

Basic Level Course Duration: 7 sessions (one hour per week)
Tuition Fees: $100 per dog
Vaccine Requirements: Age Appropriate Vaccinations

First class is orientation for people only; no dogs come to first class

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Puppy Preschool

Learning is so much FUN! A small portion of the class is supervised playtime with instructions on suitable social skills. After recess, you and your pup will discover the basic skills – leash walking, come when called, sit, down and much more. Throughout the course, your instructor provides positive training advice for common puppy behaviors – in addition to advice on topics such as healthy food requirements. You’ll be amazed how much you and your pup will learn.

Age appropriate: 8 weeks to 18 weeks (on the 1st day of class)
Prerequisite: 1st series of vaccinations (minimum)

Teen Basic Manners

Look at your pup’s behavior and recognize it for what it is – canine teenagers! Similar to human teens, your pup will want to break the rules, test your patience and seem to forgotten what he/she has learned. Don’t worry – This course is designed to teach (or review) the basic exercises of sit & stay, walking nicely on a leash, recalls (come when called) and loads more. Your instructor will coach you through the teenage phase. Ultimately, the gradual build up of training will result in a successful relationship between you and your dog.

Age appropriate: 19 weeks to 11 months
Prerequisite: Vaccinations appropriate for age

Adult Basic Manners

Whether your pup’s all grown up or an adult dog has just moved in, this course is ideal for connecting with your pet. This course targets skills such as heeling, loose leash walking, sit/stay, lie down/stay and reliable recall. Your instructor will help you solve any mysteries about your adult dog’s behavior. You will be surprised about your mature dog’s appetite for learning!

Age appropriate: 12 months and older
Prerequisite: Vaccinations appropriate for age

Bashful to Brave

Does your dog bark at, cower or get nervous when meeting new people? Does your dog view the world as a scary place? With this course, you will understand canine communication and how to safely build your pup’s confidence and self-esteem. Using a variety of positive methods and exercises, your dog will grow from bashful to brave.

Age appropriate: 6 months and older
Prerequisite: Vaccinations appropriate for age

Bully Breed Basic Manners

This course is exclusive for you and your beloved bully breed! You and your dog will create a trusting relationship along with developing appropriate doggie manners. This is the first step in working your bully towards canine good citizenship. In addition to positive training methods, your instructor will discuss how dogs learn, proper training equipment, owner responsibilities and much more.

Age appropriate: 10 months and older
Prerequisite: Vaccinations appropriate for age; must be spayed or neutered