Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog Preparation Classes

If you’re interested in continued training for a canine good citizen title or to help the community as a therapy dog, these classes will help you prepare.

Course Duration: 6 Sessions (one hour per week)
Tuition Fees: $100 per dog
Vaccine Requirements: Age Appropriate Vaccinations

*Please note: Due to the fast paced nature of these classes, they do have REQUIRED pre-requisites. If your dog has harmed or is a threat to people or other dogs, do not register for a group class. Please contact us at to discuss options.

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Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Coaching Class

This class will allow you to improve on the basic skills your dog already knows by utilizing the ten individual exercises in the Canine Good Citizen test. We will be able to help you fine tune your communication between you & your dog to a whole new level.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program is designed to recognize dogs that have good manners at home & in the community. This program stresses responsible dog ownership & dog etiquette. As of January 1, 2013, Canine Good Citizen® will become an official AKC title that can appear on the title records of dogs registered or listed with AKC. CGC is a prerequisite for some therapy dog groups, recommended by certain insurance companies and some rental agencies require resident dogs obtain CGC status.

Age appropriate: 7 months and older
After graduation day, the CGC certification test will be administered on the following week at an additional cost.
Prerequisite: Super Dog, BA in C.L.A.S.S. or with an instructor’s referral

This is not a class for learning basic obedience. We cannot accept aggressive or over-reactive dogs in this class.

Therapy Dog Preparation Class

Would you like to share your pet at a nursing home, hospital or children’s reading program? Therapy Dog Preparation is a fun six week class where you and your dog practice test exercises and prepare for animal assisted therapy work. You & your dog will work in a group setting with emphasis on the importance of teamwork. In class, you will learn dog handling skills while exposing your dog to a variety of scenarios such as odd objects, medical equipment and unexpected loud noises. We will create scenarios where the therapy dog team discovers how to handle unexpected surprises. The strengths and preferences of you and your dog will be identified and assessed so that we may offer recommendations for placement in facilities that best ensure safe, enjoyable and successful animal assisted therapy experiences.

Age appropriate: 1 year and older
Prerequisite: Canine Good Citizen Coaching, MA C.L.A.S.S., CGC certification, or with instructor permission

This is not a class for learning basic obedience. We cannot accept aggressive or over-reactive dogs in this class. In addition, this course does not include therapy dog certification test.

Dynamic Dogs

So you and your dog are a certified therapy dog team and ready to get started in the community! This six week course spends 1/2 the time in the classroom and 1/2 the time in the community. Doggie etiquette, handler “how to” models, traveling with your dog guidance are all a part of the learning experience. Don’t be nervous, a personal coach (instructor) will accompany on visits to community sites across Pittsburgh.

Age appropriate: 12 months and older
Course Duration: 6 sessions (3 Monday evenings in class and 3 Tuesday evenings in the community)
Tuition: $85.00 – membership discount does not apply
Prerequisite: CGC / TDI license and instructor referral

Class space is limited. Participation in the community visits is at the discretion of the instructor.