Humane Animal Rescue is proud to partner with Boyce Mayview Park in Upper St. Clair to offer classes and programs for animal advocates of all ages. Browse some of our course offerings listed below or register for programs here!

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Toddler Classes (2-4 years old w/ parent)
All classes start at 10:00 am – $20 per parent/child pair

•  Junior Trackers: Thursday, October 5th
Animals are always around us! They are great at staying unseen, so how do we know they’ve visited? In this lesson students will learn how to locate and identify animal tracks both in the classroom and in the wild. They will learn the best times to look for tracks and how professionals use tracks to study elusive animals.

•  Spooktacular Wildlife: Tuesday, October 17th; Wednesday, October 25th
Bats, owls, and spiders, oh my! Learn about these “creepy critters” and complete a Halloween themed craft. Come meet an education animal that some people think is spooky, and find out why that’s not true at all!  This spooktacular class will be sure to make get you in the Halloween spirit.

•  Wildlife Rainbow: Wednesday, November 8th; Wednesday, November 29th
Do you see that owl in the tree? Does a skunk use its colors to blend in?  Wild animals use colors and patterns to communicate with each other and to hide from danger.  Learn how animals use the color wheel to their advantage.

•  Animals in Wintertime: Wednesday, December 6th; Tuesday, December 12th; Monday, January 8th
What happens to animals in the winter months when it is cold outside? In this class we will discuss animals during the winter time. Do they migrate to warmer weather, stick it out, or thrive in colder months? You will have to attend to find out!

•  For the Love of Animals: Wednesday, January 31st; Thursday, February 8th; Wednesday February 14th
If you love animals, this is the class for you!  We will explore what it takes to take care of pets as well as how rehabilitators save Pennsylvania wildlife.  Complete a fun craft while meeting an animal friend. You are sure to love this class!

•  Springing into Spring: Tuesday, March 6th; Wednesday, March 21st
In like a lion, out like a lamb- Spring is just around the corner! This class is the perfect way to get ready for the springtime.  In this class we will discuss what happens to animals and plants after the wintertime. Join us for a fun filled time with a craft, animal guest, and (hopefully) some long awaited sunshine!

•  Egg-cellent Animals: Sunday, March 25th at 1pm; Wednesday, March 28th
What makes eggs so special?  Come learn what makes eggs so interesting while completing an egg-citing craft.  Students will meet an animal that hatched from an egg early on.  This class is bound to be an eggs-tremely fun time!

Child Classes (5-8 years old w/o parent)
$20 per person

•  Nocturnal Animal Adventure: Thursday, October 19th at 6pm
How does the world change when the sun goes down? Learn about native Pennsylvania animals that are most active in the nighttime.  A nocturnal education animal will make a special guest appearance.  With Halloween just around the corner, this class will be perfect way to get into the spooooooooooooky season.

•  World of Raptors: Thursday, November 2nd at 6pm; Saturday, November 11th at 10am
Birds of prey are some of the most unique creatures on earth.  In this class students will learn about what makes these incredible predators so special.  Meet a live raptor up-close and learn how to look for their counterparts in the wild!

•  Pennsylvania in Winter: Thursday, December 7th at 6pm; Monday, December 11th at 6pm, and Saturday, January 13th at 10am
Winter weather in Pennsylvania can be one of the most extreme.  How do animals survive the hard times of ice and snow? We will answer this and much more while we discuss how our backyard animals adapt in the wintertime!

•  Winter Wonderlands: Saturday, January 21st at 10am; Monday January 29th at 6pm
Journey with us as we travel the globe to learn about the changing seasons! In this class we will become explorers and learn about winter in different parts of the world. We will talk about how animals survive in harsh landscapes and learn about how other regions differ from our own. We will also get the chance to meet an animal friend that lives in an ecosystem entirely different from our own and learn about how it survives seasonal changes.

•  Caring for Critters: Sunday, February 4th at 1pm; Monday February 12th at 6pm
Do you love animals and ever wonder what goes into caring for them?  In this class we will discuss caring for both pets as well as how rehabilitators care for wildlife.  Learn what it takes to make sure animals are happy and healthy. Come join us for a fun time of crafts and a live animal guest!

•  Winter Visitors: Thursday, February 22nd at 6pm; Friday, March 2nd at 6pm
The change in the season brings colder weather, but did you know it also brings around different animals? Learn about the amazing migration that birds make to spend their winters here in Pennsylvania with us! Birds both small and large make their way here to escape even colder temperatures in northern regions and have adapted to surviving through the worst that winter has to offer (all without cozy fires and comfy winter clothes!)

•  Spring It On!: Sunday, March 18th at 1pm
If you have spring fever, this is the class for you!  We will discuss how the world comes to life after a long, cold winter.  Learn about early risers, and who likes to sleep in. We will meet an animal guest and do a spring themed craft.  This class is sure to get you in the spring spirit.

•  Eggs- quisite Wildlife!: Thursday, March 29th at 6pm
Spring is here! It’s time for longer days, warmer temperatures, and baby animals! Join us as we learn about how birds build nests for their young and take care of their eggs. We will also create fun springtime crafts and meet an animal guest that has some egg-sperience with raising young. Don’t egg-nore a chance to have a great time with us!

Junior Classes (9-12 years old w/o parent)
$20 per person

•  Masters of Migration: Thursday, September 28th at 6pm
Come join us in search of migrating monarchs in our wildflower fields and learn about how these tiny creatures make such an amazing journey! Students will learn about what makes these butterflies such incredible fliers as well as how they can help to keep monarch populations from declining.

•  Wildlife at Nighttime: Tuesday, October 24 at 6pm
How do animals function in low light?  Come explore the dark world of night.  Students will learn about different animals adaptations that help them survive the night. Join us for a fun-filled class about these Halloween themed animals!

•  Raptor Researchers: Monday, November 13th at 6pm
Put on your researcher hat and get to know our native PA raptors! Discover how these birds of prey respond to the change in season by learning about and observing their migratory behavior. In this lesson students will meet a live raptor and talk about how they’re specially adapted to make these long distance journeys.

•  Sleeping the Cold Away: Saturday, December 9th at 10:00am; Thursday, December, 21st at 6:pm; Sunday, January 14th at 10am
Animals around Pennsylvania react differently to the cold winter temperatures.  What helps these animals survive the harsh winters? In this class we will be sure to find that out and as well the differences between hibernation, brumation, torpor, and migration.  Don’t sleep the winter away, come join us for this fun-filled class!

•  Winter Around the World: Thursday, January 25th at 6pm
Did you know that not every country in the world has four seasons? Join us as we travel the world from the comfort of a classroom and learn about winter around the world! Pennsylvania might experience distinct seasonal changes as the earth rotates, but not every country does! In this class, we will learn that location matters when it comes to how countries experience weather.

•  Birds in Winter: Northern Guests: Sunday, February 18th at 1pm; Monday, February 26th at 6pm
We know that when winter comes the temperature changes, but that’s not the only thing that’s changing! Birds from northern region flock to Pennsylvania to escape extreme winter conditions and spend their winters with us! In this class we will learn about where these birds are coming from and how they survive our chilly winter temperatures.

•  Frogs Under the Stars: Thursday, March 1st at 6pm; Monday, March 12th at 6pm; Friday, March 23rd at 6pm
Listen to the call of the wild! The season is starting change and the frogs are starting to stir. Come join us as we search for choruses of calling frogs and learn all about why they all like to sing together. We will also get the chance to take a closer look at a live frog to learn about their behavior and biology.

  Waking Up From the Cold: Wednesday, March 7th at 6pm
What happens after the cold winter months? Join in this post hibernation class where we will talk about animals waking up after the long winter. We’ll discuss those who are early risers and others who enjoy their beauty sleep. Come learn about how animals transition from extreme cold to warmer months and meet an animal guest who is expert in this subject.

Teen Classes (13-16 years old w/o parent)
$20 per person
*Service hours available for volunteer class*

•   Volunteer for Wildlife: Tuesday, October 10th at 6pm
In this course students will understand the importance of helping wildlife by participating in a service project. Service hours will be awarded for those who choose to claim them.

•  Wildlife Rehab: 101: Thursday, November 16th at 6pm
Ever wonder what goes into the healing and releasing of injured wildlife? If so, this is the class for you! Wildlife Rehab 101 is a great introduction into the world of rehabilitation that covers the basics of how we help injured wildlife. The class also provides insight into the hard work that happens every day to improve the lives of Pennsylvania wildlife. Student will get the chance to meet a live animal that was rescued with the help of local wildlife rehabilitators.

•  Stream Study: Friday, September 15th & 29th at 6pm
How do our actions affect our waters? In this lesson students will learn how human activities directly affect our waterways and the animals that live in them. They will then get the opportunity to conduct their own study where they will search for small water dwelling animals called macroinvertebrates and test the chemical and physical properties of the water. Waterproof footwear is required for this lesson!

•  Worldwide Winter (Winter is Here): Thursday, January 18th at 6pm
Have you ever wanted to know what winter time is like in Namibia? Did you know that during winter in some parts of Alaska they only get 3 hours of daylight? Learn more about these places and so many more locations on earth as we explore winter time across the world and compare it to winters in PA! Students will learn about how seasons differ across the globe and how animals have adapted to survive in extreme environments.

•  Choruses in the Night: Friday March 9th  at 6pm; Thursday, March 15th at 6pm
Spring is on its way and the forest is coming alive! Join us as we search for calling frogs and listen nature’s late night singers! Students will learn how to identify each frog by the sound of their calls and contribute to citizen science efforts by sharing what we discover with FrogWatch. We will also get the chance to take a closer look at a live frog to learn about their behavior and biology.

Girl Scouts
2 hours – $25 per person

•  Bugs! Brownie Class: Sunday, October 1st at 10am
Crawling, fluttering, and buzzing! Brownie scouts can complete all requirements for their Bug badge during this class.  Learn all about the insects that live around us and how important they are! Create a fun insect themed craft and observe insects in their natural habitat as requirements for this badge.

•  Cadette Night Owl Badge: Friday, March 16th at 6pm
Cadette scouts can complete most requirements for their “Night Owl” badge during this program.  Students will explore Boyce Mayview Park during the evening hours to see how the world changes when the sun goes down.  Meet a nocturnal animal while learning about what makes these kinds of animals so unique.  Come join us for a night filled with fun, learning, and exploration!

Boy Scouts:
2 hours – $25 per person

•  Nature Badge Saturday, September 30th at 10am
Are you a boy scout that is interested in learning more about nature? Then this is the class for you!  Meet a live native Pennsylvania animal that cannot be released, and search for their counterpart out in the wild. Complete activities to help explain the importance of plants, animals, and the food chain.  Look for signs of animals in the area including tracks, fur and scat.

•  Bird Study: Saturday, March 24th at 10am
Boy scouts looking to earn the Bird Study Merit Badge can complete most of the requirements during this class.  Meet a live bird up close and learn how to identify others in the wild.  Explore the park while searching for birds that are awake during the morning hours.

Y-OWL-GA (All ages)
$20 per adult, $15 per child under 12

•  Thursday, October, 26th at 7pm
Enjoy all levels of yoga while being surrounded by native owls.  Practice your favorite poses with a local certified instructor while learning about these amazing creatures!  Each class lasts approximately 60 minutes and starts at 10:00am on the scheduled dates.

Family Programs (All ages)
$8 per person or $30 for a family or group of 4

•  Family Campout: Friday October 6th at 7pm
Join us for an evening of fun at the park! Bring your own treats to roast over the campfire while learning about creatures that come out at night.  Come and play some games in the dark while enjoying stories around the campfire with friends and family!

•  Animals of the Night: Friday October 13th at 7pm
Do you ever wonder what animals are on the move outdoors while you are asleep?  Come join us for a night learning about nocturnal animals.  Go on a night hike and use your night vision to spot wild, nocturnal animals.  Join us for a great time of nighttime activities!

•  Weekend Bird Count 2018: Saturday, February 17th at 8am SHARP!
Come join us on this fun family adventure as we search for birds along Boyce Mayview Park’s many trails! The data we collect will be submitted as part of The Great Backyard Bird Count which is a citizen science effort organized by The Audubon Society and Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It is a great way to contribute to national survey efforts that help us study changing bird populations. Stretch your legs and explore the outdoors while learning about bird identification and conservation!