Vision – To support Humane Animal Rescue (HAR) as we strive to responsibly create a more humane world for animals.

Mission – The JAC is a diverse group committed to advancing HAR’s mission to enhance the lives of companion animals and native wildlife through promoting interest, developing ideas and generating support among Pittsburgh’s young people and the community.

General Governance and Composition – The JAC will be comprised of up to 21 diverse young emerging leaders led by a current board member with staff support.  Terms are 3 years with renewals.

Member Requirements:

  1. 21-40 years old (target)
  2. Live in the Pittsburgh region
  3. Demonstrated passion for animals (volunteer, rescue) and HAR mission and vision
  4. Ability to network in the community, ask for contributions, and engage people at events
  5. Demonstrated non profit experience with charitable events, fundraising or event coordination
  6. Recognition within professional, community or non profit field preferred
  7. Minimum of 2 organizational references (non relative) that can speak to these requirements


  1. Build networks and awareness of HAR among young people  and the community
  2. Support events and fundraising activities
  3. Expand social media capabilities and network
  4. Generate new ideas for events, publicity and activities
  5. Provide access to specialized skillsets that are useful to the organization
  6. Create succession planning pathway to possible board member positions

Overall Strategy:

  1. Develop strategy with respect to how HAR can engage young people
  2. Engage young people  with an opportunity to collaborate and leverage their networks to promote the HAR mission, social media and events.
  3. Coordinate closely with HAR staff to leverage contacts and resources to increase awareness and provide information on ways to improve and increase outreach



  1. Act as ambassadors on behalf of HAR regarding community activities, supporting humane policies, and partnerships.


  1. Promote involvement of young people through adopting pets, attending events, engaging social media and volunteering.
  2. Provide an opportunity for knowledge transfer throughout the community regarding proper animal care.


  1. Encourage other organizations and corporations to attend HAR functions to introduce them to the organization
  2. Provide an opportunity for young people to connect with each other and seasoned professionals to enable sharing of ideas, experiences and mentorship.


  1. Solicit comments and suggestions from community to improve services and activities
  2. Recommend  new JAC and board members
  3. Develop JAC members who have capacity and interest to serve on the HAR board

Member Expectations – Each JAC Member is expected to contribute in the following areas:

  1. Attend JAC committee meetings (6 per year)
  2. Provide ideas to the organization on ways to expand reach, network and scope
  3. Personal financial contribution to HAR
  4. Leverage personal and professional networks for the following:
    • Event Planning and Attendance
    • General fundraising
    • Support/In-Kind Services and contacts
    • JAC recommendations
    • Social media exposure

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Junior Advisory Council (JAC) Charter – Effective 1/11/2018 Pages

Browse the pages below to find information on our Junior Advisory Council (JAC) Charter – Effective 1/11/2018.