Great Horned Owl

Martha came to us in 2005 as an adult patient. She is at least 13 years old. Her left wing is drooping due to an injury she suffered in the wild. Because this injury caused permanent damage, Martha is not releasable. … Continued

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North American Porcupine

Irwin was born on May 7th, 2011. He has been a part of our Wildlife Center since he was 2 weeks old! Irwin came to us as a porcupette shortly after he was rejected by his mother. He has restrictive … Continued

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Captain, Jack, and Davey


Captain, Jack, and Davey were purchased in Ohio and illegally brought into PA as pets. Captain (the lightest fox) arrived at our Wildlife Center in 2011, while Jack and Davey were brought here by the PA Game Commission in 2012. In … Continued

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Red-tailed Hawk

Chuck arrived at our wildlife center as an adult patient. He had an injured right wing that caused permanent damage and prevents him from being released. While in his enclosure, Chuck enjoys resting high up on his perches where communicates with … Continued

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Turkey Vulture

Sid came to us as an adult patient with an injured wing that prevents him from being released. With an injury such as his, Sid would be unable to scavenge for food in the wild. He is an excellent foster father to orphaned black and turkey … Continued

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American Crow

Ray arrived at our Wildlife Center in 2002 as an adult patient. He is at least 15 or 16 years old. His right wing was injured in the wild, preventing him from being released. He is an extremely eager education … Continued

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African Ball Python

Jake was transferred in 2013 from the Animal Rescue League’s domestic shelter on Hamilton Ave. Ball pythons are known to be easy to handle. Although African ball pythons are not a native PA species, Jake is an excellent education ambassador!

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Eastern Gray Squirrel

Twitch came to our Wildlife Center as a patient in 2011 after he and his litter-mate were taken from the wild by a person hoping to keep them as pets. His litter-mate later died and Twitch was brought to our Wildlife Center in … Continued

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Texas Rat Snake

Casper is a leucistic Texas Rat Snake. Leucistic animals are usually white with gray or bluish eyes. Contrast that to albino animals, which are usually lightly pigmented with pink or red eyes. Casper was donated to the Wildlife Center. She … Continued

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Soft-shelled Turtle

Simon was purchased from a reptile show after a member of our staff found him living in very poor conditions. This species of soft-shelled turtle is not native to our area, but we do treat other species of soft-shelled turtles … Continued

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Striped Skunk

Murphy was born on May 2, 2010 and arrived at our Wildlife Center shortly thereafter. Because of laws that govern Rabies Vector Species (RVS), we are unable to use a former rehab skunk for offsite education programs. Murphy, however, is … Continued

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Northern Bobwhite Quail

Oscar is a Northern bobwhite quail and came to us from Zuckovich Game Birds in April 2015.

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Short-eared Owl

Hermes came to us as an adult from another rehabilitation center in 2014. He is at least 3 years old and has a permanently injured right elbow that was unable to be surgically repaired. Because of this injury, Hermes is no longer … Continued

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Barred Owl

Cecilia came to us from another rehabilitation center in 2014 as an adult. She is at least 3 years old. She had an injured left shoulder that required a surgical procedure to place a pin to set the bones in … Continued

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Virginia Opossum

Quasimodo was brought to us as a patient in 2014 by a volunteer. He was born in the summer of 2014 and is about a year old. He has a deformed nose that makes it hard for him to breathe … Continued

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Adrienne and Vedder

Eastern Box Turtles

Adrienne and Vedder came to us separately for various reasons. Our education ambassador turtles were either injured in the wild or taken as pets and improperly cared for by members of the public. Vedder is missing toes on his front left leg and … Continued

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