Humane Animal Rescue is acutely aware of the problem of community (feral) cats in our area. Many well meaning people start out feeding a few stray cats only to find themselves overwhelmed by cats and kittens who may have no interest in human interaction, but who have come to count on this generous impulse for survival.

To help these cat caregivers, we offer discounts spay/neuter surgeries for community cats.  For $38, our clinic will spay or neuter a feral cat, provide a rabies vaccine, and ear-tip the cat to identify him or her as already spayed or neutered.

Trap-Neuter-Return is a humane approach; through this program, outdoor cats are humanely trapped, brought to the clinic, spayed or neutered, provided a rabies vaccine, are ear-tipped (for identification purposes), and then returned to their outdoor homes.

 Learn more about our efforts to control the feral cat population or get help at

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  1. Identify that there is a feral cat in your neighborhood (more…)
  2. Schedule an appointment with either our East End or Northside clinics: 412-345-7300
  3. Trap the cat(s) the evening before the scheduled surgery
  4. Safely transport the cat(s) to our clinics on the day of your scheduled appointment.
  5. Pick the cat up at the designated time and follow post surgery instructions before returning the cat to the outdoors.