wlc2aOur Wildlife Center is a fully licensed wildlife rehabilitation clinic. We specialize in the care and treatment of injured, orphaned, and ill native Pennsylvanian wildlife. All animals are admitted to our clinic with the goal of releasing them back into the wild as healthy individuals.

If you have found an injured animal, please wear gloves and place it in a box. Check out our Wildlife Center FAQ to determine the next best step.  Please, do not handle the animal or try to feed it. Many foods, including milk and bread can make animals extremely ill! Handling wildlife is very stressful for them and they can pass serious diseases onto you and your family.

Our staff has over 23 years of combined rehabilitation experience with wildlife. We are licensed through the Pennsylvania Game Commission, USDA, and US Fish and Wildlife Services. Our clinic admits over 4,000 animals every year and maintains a release rate near 65% percent; nearly twice the national average!

Humane Animal Rescue Wildlife Center
6000 Verona Road, Verona, PA 15147
Phone: 412-345-7300 x500
Director: Jill Argall – 

Hours of admission: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm daily during off-peak season. Call us at 412-345-7300 x500 for more information. If you find injured or orphaned wildlife outside of our regular hours, do not attempt to care for it yourself. Place the animal in a carrier in our drop off box outside of the main entrance to the Wildlife Center building.

Unfortunately, because we care for thousands of animals each year and each minute is precious, we are unable to provide updates or outcome results for wild patients.

Animals admitted in 2017 – 4,191 | Species admitted in 2017 – 141

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Release Sites Needed

The Wildlife Center staff releases many animals each year. Nearly all of these releases take place on privately owned land and we are always looking for new release sites.

wlcreleaseFor rehabilitation to be deemed successful, released animals must be able to survive on their own and be an integral part of their species’ population, recognize and obtain natural foods, select mates of their own species to reproduce, and respond appropriately to potential dangers such people, cars, dogs and natural predators.

Sometimes it is important to release animals back to their own territory, but other times it is not essential. Staff will consider an animal’s individual case and make this determination at the time of release. In each case, it is important to know where the animal was found and what the circumstances of the injury were at its time of admittance.

The Wildlife Center is always looking for safe places to release hand-raised orphans and injured adults. These release sites need to be privately owned land. Release sites do not always need to include dozens of acres and do not have to be strictly rural. We are seeking release sites within 20 miles of Verona, PA. Please note: for the safety of all animals involved, we cannot consider sites frequented by free-roaming cats.

If you would like for your land to be considered for a Release Site, please contact us at cdougherty@humaneanimalrescue.org.